Young King, do you know that I live for you? I live in hopes that you won't live in constant fear and can enjoy the gifts life, has. You deserve the chance to be free and see another midnight and sunrise. Do you know that God loves everything about you? No mistake was made in your creation. Your melanin is strong, that your hair is thick and curly, the fullness of your features and the richness of your soul. Do you know that you represent the best thing that ever happened to mankind? Do you realize that you can speak things into existence with 1 breath of courage and 1 flick of your tongue? Do you realize your presence demands respect? Walk-in that power young heir, never hold your head down in defeat! No matter where you go, you are loved, you are wanted, even when it seems like the world is against you. Young King, please know not everyone is against you; do not hate America, America doesn't know any better.

America doesn't know that you have the skills and knowledge to lead the future. America doesn't know that you're beautiful and that your beauty goes beyond the mask that you wear. America doesn't know that hand and hand, you can unite the countries, you can diffuse the wars, and complete the emptiness that hate has left us feeling. America doesn't know that you're strong, Or maybe they know it and fear that strength will overpower the reins that they have held against you. America doesn't value your genius; it doesn't understand that the creations of your mind laid the foundation for this "wonderful country" we live in. America doesn't know your value young king, they don't know that you were born Royal, that you a born an heir of the King.

Young King, do not run from a badge; even if you're intimidated, stand tall, stand still, stay alive. Do not reach for anything in your pockets, if they want it, let them get it, stay alive! Do not argue with authority, even if you think you're right, stay alive! Lastly, sometimes it's not fair and we can't help it, but I beg you with all your might, stay alive! Young King, you are more than a history, you are truth, you are light, you're a mystery.

Therefore, I write this as a message to my brothers: The young Martin Luther Kings, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Frederick Douglas, President Barack Obama, Dr. Cornell West, Trevor McDonald, Bob Marley, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Bernie Mac, Michael Jordan, Gill Scott-Heron, Mohammad Ali, and even me Brandon Lamar


The King In Me is a beautiful and powerful book for every child to enjoy. I believe that it is a challenge for young people to become something that they cannot see for themselves. Brandon Lamar expands possibilities for every reader. The King In Me clearly educates and encourages young people on what it means to be a King. We are all royalty, but Brandon makes the qualtiies of our royalty accessible to every age. Alongside the affirmations, guidelines, and truth written within the book, each page is decorated with black, beautiful illustrations that speak to our royalty as well. It is for sure an asset to every library and a great gift to give to friends and family. I’m grateful that to Brandon Lamar and the illustrator, Ronnie Robles, for making something that cultivates our imagination. For creating something that makes us better and calls us to higher. I appreciate the book for myself, and can’t wait to share it with my future kids. 


The first day "The King in Me Arrived," my four year old son, Seyram, could hardly wait to read it. He's always drawn more to books with characters with "skin like me". We read "The King in Me," close to 20 times the first two weeks after opening it. We have already had countless great conversations stemming from this incredibly affirming book. Then one night at dinner this past week, we were working on words that start with "A", as that's what the letter of the week was at Seyram's school. My husband said, "admit," to which my son instantly replied, "Admit when you are wrong and apologize" (a direct quote from the book). On Friday, Seyram came home and said, "_____ called me 'Mercer,' today (this little boy is new and trying to learn all the kids' names, so there was no ill-intent here). I told him, "My name is Seyram." This is a big deal as we have had quite a few discussions about making sure others use Seyram's name with him. We've talked with Seyram about how to correct people respectfully. He will always say his name several times for people who are really trying to get it right, however, he would never correct anyone who said it wrong (unless they asked if they had gotten it right). In "The King in Me," one page has a boy saying "That's not my name...Please don't call me that." I cannot help but believe that this has been a game changer for our son. Last but not least (for now), today on our morning walk, Seyram found a public deck overlooking a lake and went to stand on it by himself. He turned around, faced me, stood with his head high, and said, "I am a king!" If you haven't yet ordered Brandon's book, I highly encourage you to do so. It's full of encouraging and affirming sayings for our children!  - Adrienne Adzanku